POEA30U-1AT smallest 30W AT injector level VI compliant

Phihong Introduces Industry’s First US Department of Energy Level VI Efficiency Compliant IEEE802.3at Mini Power-Over-Ethernet Injector. Size is a minuscule 140.1mm x Height: 30.0mm x Width: 45.5mm

Phihong’s new 30 watt POEA30U-1AT single-port Power-over-Ethernet(POE) injector series are the first IEEE802.3at mid-spans on the market to meet the US Department of Energy’s(DOE VI) efficiency regulations for external power supplies.

“Due to the active nature of IEEE802.3 POE standards, it is extremely difficult to meet the requirements, particularly the maximum no-load current consumption of the DOE’s efficiency regulations for external power supplies. As a result, many manufacturers of POE injectors claim that injectors are exempt from the regulations. However, there is nothing published by the DOE to substantiate those claims. In fact, the DOE has released positions to the contrary of those claims,” says Tom Chin, Sr. Marketing Manager at Phihong. “As leaders in the market, Phihong will continue to develop products compliant to regulations worldwide, and will offer them in ever smaller and higher power density form factors.”

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