About HPL:

The HPL brand was established in 2015. Its roots stem from Watt Power in 2001, and has developed and evolved perpetually since then, and now proudly offers the UK’s most extensive range of Phihong switching power supply products.

UK customers for Phihong switching power supply, phihong poe injector, wall plug, desktop, open frame, lighting, midspans, AC-DC, DC-DC, battery chargers

HPL’s association with Phihong stems from a partnership with a company Mariam, who were importing Phihong mobile phone chargers into Scotland for Motorola manufacturing. From around that time and onwards, the HPL brand has proudly sold Phihongs’ quality range of wallplug, open frame and desktop power supplies. Our long-standing relationship enables us to order products directly from Phihong, or their German hub; depending on stock availability. Stock is held at Cambridge for next day delivery via Fedex, or it is on a 3-5 day leadtime if not available from stock.

Phihong products can be purchased direct from here, or can be purchased from our International website Heading Power Ltd which can be found at www.headingpower.com/m-3-phihong.aspx  . International customers please use our International website for purchasing at www.headingpower.com. If you are an International customer who is VAT registered please contact us prior to placing your order with your VAT number so that you are not automatically charged VAT. Do not forget we are also available to take your order for you, provide personal quotations for volume, price and delivery; or to answer any technical questions you may have on Phihong products and other products by calling on our UK Cambridge number 0044 1223 440813 or 01223 440813 or by emailing us on headingpower@gmail.com . Local customers to Cambridge UK can collect parts that are in stock, and we can also quote you on same day delivery if required.

Phihong – Powering your world, from the heart of Silicon Fen

About Phihong:

With 2008 revenues in excess of $500 million, Phihong is the largest power adapter manufacturer in the world and one of the top ten global power supply companies. Phihong Technology are listed on the Taiwan XTAI stock exchange. They understand power, and have a proven track record of providing their customers with energy-efficient solutions on a system-wide, enterprise level.

Together with their distribution partners, they serve the telecom, datacom, personal electronics, power tools, LED lighting, security, medical, and industrial markets. They also serve many of the top global electronics OEMs, including Motorola, Cisco, Panasonic, Sony, Acer, Hewlitt-Packard, Sanyo, and Toshiba.

In the rapidly expanding power-over-ethernet market, they are advancing PoE technology with a new generation of higher power, high-efficiency midspans. As participants on the IEEE PoE committee, they are directly involved in defining and developing the safe, new PoE standards. As a result, each of their midspans is designed to meet both current and future IEEE specifications, and is backward compatible to support legacy equipment.

Unlike many of their competitors, Phihong switching power supply design, manufacture, and test all of their products in-house, rather than relying on third party manufacturers. Their manufacturing facilities encompass more than 2 million square feet and are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified. Once manufactured, they design and test all of the midspan products in the United States, which enables them to better focus on emerging technology and the needs of the North American PoE market.

Phihong measure their success by their commitment to their customers. As such, they continue to strive for zero defects, on-time delivery, and effective, courteous support that not only meets, but exceeds customers’ expectations. You will not find a better partner!