Phihong first out with new IEEE802.3bt spec Power Over Ethernet


IEEE802.3bt PoE (60W-90W port)

With the expansion of high power, 4-pair powering PoE applications, Phihong has joined the IEEE task force to evaluate these needs and define a new standard called the IEEE802.3bt. With its expected release in Q1 of 2018, Phihong has already developed many products that are compliant to the new IEEE802.3bt standard. These high power PoE applications include wireless multi-radio access points, high power security cameras, computer workstations, and LCD display panels. Phihong bt products will be backwards compatible to the Phihong proprietary 12.5K detection handshake.

Gigabit Range so far includes:

POE60U-1BT New 60 watt 3 wire inc earth input, injector / midspan 4 Pair Powering +3,6,4,5; – 1,2,7,8  Datasheet link here

POE62U-1BT New 60 watt waterproof injector / midspan IP67 rating.  Datasheet link here

POE90U-1BT New 90 watt 3 wire inc earth input, injector / midspan 4 pair Powering +3,6,4,5; -1,2,7,8. Datasheet link here

POE90U-1BT-N New 90 watt 3 wire inc earth input, injector / midspan 4 pair Powering +3,6,4,5; -1,2,7,8 with SNMP. Datasheet link here

POE90D-560SS New 90 watt splitter. DC output 44-57vDC. Designed to work with POE90U-1BT. Datasheet link here

POE62U-560G New Passive POE injector IP67 rating. Datasheet link here

For all the above for new designs please contact Heading Power Ltd direct on Tel: 0044 (0) 1223 863434, or email Samples are available now for new designs.