Synocean DC – DC Converters STC-121000 and STC-241000 GO AUTOMOTIVE


Several major manufacturers around the world are finding the benefit of using Synocean DC –DC converters for reliability and ruggedness. Particularly in automotive design for engine test bed applications, dynamometers and battery monitoring units. Design applications using DC-DC Converters in hybrid and electric vehicle applications where computer voltages are required or just high power single voltage output. Self driving cars and driverless cars are soon to be tried in London and manufacturers including Volvo are developing systems for these. Synocean DC-DC power supplies range from a few tens of watts to several kilowatts so custom products are not a problem. Short lead times from the factory for sample units can be achieved with batches in five to six weeks. Wide temperature ranges of -20 to +60 C can be accommodated and all products have a three year warranty from date of manufacture.


Please contact Synocean’s UK exclusive distributor on  or view the full range of their standard products at


Please contact direct for any custom application on 0044 1223 863434 or email.

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