Setting up your Midspan

Setting up your new Phihong Midspan is easy. With Plug and Play technology, your new Midspan is fully functional upon delivery. There are no additional firmware downloads or need for additional hardware. Review all safety precautions before setting up this midspan.

1) For full functionality only use Ethernet cables of Cat 5 or better.

2) Familiarize yourself with the Midspan. Only Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors may be used in the ports in the front of the Midspan. The AC inlet connector is C14 and requires a cable with a C13 line socket.

3) Plug the AC cord into the rear of the Midspan. The LED’s will illuminate in a specific sequence indicating power up. For information regarding this step please see the most up-to-date user manuals listed in the support section of the website

4) Once the midspan is powered up, you may connect the Midspan to the network switch and your end devices. Using a Cat 5 Ethernet cable or better, connect a port on the network switch to your Phihong Midspan. This connection will allow for data to transfer from the network switch, and then get transferred along with power to the intended device.


5) After the data flow has been set up between the Midspan and the network switch, the PoE device may now be connected. It is important to remember a few points:

a) A single data connection between the Midspan and Switch will not be enough. All devices will need their own data cable from the Midspan to the Switch.

b) The ports on the front of the Midspan are designed in a 1:1 ratio. This means that data coming into port 1 from the switch to the midspan will be transferred out on port 1 PoE. If a device is connected on a port without the data cable in the corresponding port below the PoE port , data will not be transferred. The PoE end device and Network Switch must have Ethernet cables running to the same port number on the Phihong Midspan



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