These are some of the reasons why customers ultimately choose Midspan PoE Hubs or Injectors for their Networks:

• They have new or newer existing Ethernet switches in place, therefore buying new Ethernet Switches again just to get the PoE function would be expensive to purchase and the configuration time to customize the Switch for the End User’s network
• The PoE required for the End devices is of mixed types because of different requirements for different brands and models of powered End devices
• No rack space limitation to mount the actual Midspan PoE hubs
• Lower Budget available, it costs far less to use Midspan PoE implementation compared to the purchase of powered PoE Switches
• Extra cabling between Switch and Midspan Hub is not a problem
• Consultant or Systems Integrator has specified Midspan technology for future proofing
• The End User views this as a “easy way” to implement PoE, requiring less work than implementing new Switches with all of their programming and set-up software
• Endspans traditionally only able to power lower powered devices like phones, therefore the power capability for other devices like camera’s and lighting is only found in midspan designs.
• Future proofing of overall design modularity allows for easy expandability in the future with regard to powers and end device types.
• Want Hot-swap ability of Multi Port modules in and out of chassis
• Want built in support for Gigabit Ethernet speeds as well as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet data transmission speeds
• Want options for Higher Power modules, 36 watts per Port or greater on all Ports simultaneously if necessary for emerging End devices
• Want the ability to intermix module styles within a single chassis to support different PoE requirements from single wiring closet
• Want options for non-standard voltages like 24v, 12v, 5v and 3.3v End devices through splitters
• The User’s application demands full power per Port at all times on all module Ports simultaneously.
• Want the simplicity of Full Power per Port to eliminate required “Power Management” Software.
• Want a range of Single output Port Power Injectors to support a single End device if needed
• Want hot swapability by multi Port modules in case of a power fault condition.

Many new devices coming to the market in the future will be better suited to Midspan powering due to variances in voltage or wattage requirements or the smaller number of units required on the End User’s Network. Midspans are available in single port, 4 port, 8 port, 16 port, 24 port and 16 + 8 port, in powers of 15.4w, 33.6 watt, 60-80 watt per port and 95 watt per port. Contact HPL today with your requirements.

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