Phihong’s POE Plus Midspans

Phihong USA, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, offers a broad line of high-power Power-over-Ethernet midspans providing up to 33.6W per port that are in full compliance with power specifications released in draft 3.0 of the IEEE802.3at that was approved for ballot at the end of March. Available in single-, 4-, 8- and 16-port models, the high-power midspans meet the latest specifications for POEPlus in the IEEE working group that is close to finalization.

“Phihong midspans are designed for Gigabit systems to enable high power and broadband applications together,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing, Phihong. “This is essential for new IEEE802.11N broadband access points that require higher power and Gigabit data rate, without having to check compatibility. More importantly, our products are designed using our own microcontroller designs allowing us to modify the software and firmware for modifications in the standard without having to wait for silicon vendors to change their ICs.”

With high-power midspans, there is no need for installing new local AC power outlets and special wiring, eliminating the cost and time delays of calling an electrician. These devices are cost- and time-saving solutions in the implementation of wireless access points and security systems because they replace hard-wiring methods while offering superior power performance.

The POE36U-1AT is a single-port midspan designed to power wireless and WiMAX access points that require up to 26 watts of power, and is also ideal for IP telephones with streaming video and high quality Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras with heaters for outside locations. New version of this part is POE31U-1AT and is a stock item.

The POE125U-4AT is a 4-port midspan that provides 33.6W to power four wireless access points or security cameras. It also supports Cisco AP1250 Series products in full power mode and Meru AP300 access points in full 3×3 mode.

The POE576U is a low-cost 33.6W-per-port midspan that provides 8 or 16 ports at full power for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks and requires no power management. This Powerover-Ethernet device, available in 8- or 16-port versions, is ideal for powering VoIP phones, biometrics and access for security systems, IP cameras and wireless access points.

The midspans provide diagnostic LEDs and are Gigabit-compatible. All products in the high-power midspan line have safety and protection systems designed to meet the IEEE 802.3 standards, including detection, disconnect and overload control. Over-temperature protection allows the midspans to automatically shut down without being damaged and the outputs are equipped with short-circuit protection. Also, in case of over-voltage, the outputs will shut down without any permanent damage to the midspan.

Applications that will benefit from the increased IEEE802.3at power levels include wireless multi-radio access points, Pan Tilt Zoom security cameras, and IP phones with streaming video displays.

Other emerging applications, including emergency lighting, security system sensors, biometric sensors, door access control, RFID and even medical monitoring, will greatly benefit from combining data and centralized backup power.

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